Why Birthweight Is Important When Breeding Brahman Bulls

When using Brahman bulls in crossbreeding, you gain tremendous performance advantages. But, you also have to manage birth weights. In this 4 page publication, we'll explain why it's important, and how to manage for it.

What We'll Explain...

All traits work together.

Using a Brahman bull on a Bos taurus cow is going to result in the highest level of hybrid vigor possible. But, that also means an increase in birthweights. Find out how much to expect and how to manage.

The magic number.

Through over 40 years of selling Brahman bulls to commercial cattlemen, we know the magic number of what is acceptable and what isn't. Find out inside.

Honest performance data is key.

What good is a birthweight EPD if it comes from "eyeballing" the actual birthweight instead of actually taking the time to weigh your calves? We'll explain inside.

The Brahman advantage.

We're convinced there is no better breed of bull for the southern United States than using a Brahman bull on your Angus or Hereford cows. In the beef industry, pounds pay. And using a Brahman bull is a sure-fire way to be profitable.

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